Local Company, started with the simple goal of providing “Cheapskate” pricing for all our credit union family and customers. We are State licensed, bonded and insured. We have been in business for over 20 years and possibly one of the only brokers that has a 99% hug ratio after the sale.

It costs you nothing to contact us, but it could save you thousands.

What are our hours?

Our hours are your hours, we work by appointment, and will be available anytime from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM seven days a week, that you need us available. You can email questions anytime and expect to get a quick response.

Do we have to be a credit union member to use Credit Union Auto Brokers?

No we have been doing this for almost 11 years and can work with anyone wanting to get a good deal on their next vehicle.


Just Wanted to tell you just how thrilled we are with the 2006 RAV4 you sold to us. This was definitely the best experience we have had purchasing a car. My wife and I both enjoyed talking with you and your ability to meet when our schedules were available, a definite life saver. We believe we spent all of 10 minutes running through the final documents and we were out the door – fastest signing ever! Should we find ourselves looking in the future for a used vehicle or need a broker to purchase new, we will definitely talk with you again!

Steve & Julie
Beaverton OR

Working with Jim was the best experience of my car buying life..listened to what I wanted and found the perfect vehicle. Bob

This was the most painless car-buying process ever AND I got a much better deal then I would have on my own (selling of mine & purchasing the new car). Jim is very responsive and takes the extra steps to make sure all goes well… he is great!
– Kristie

I wanted to tell you how wonderful you are and how much I appreciate all the hard work you have done to get me two great cars. I love the new Toyota and its working well so far, I have Bob on speed dial if anything comes up so I think I’m covered. It is important that I let you know how thankful I am for you on this Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends, Happy Holidays!
– Tracy K, Portland, OR

We were looking for a small economy car, but didn’t want to break the bank. After 5 minutes on the phone with Jim, I knew he was going to be able to find something for me, and he did. A 2009 with factory warranty for less then I had seen many older higher mile vehicles.
– Joey, Tulalatin, OR

After again discovering that I did not enjoy having to prsonally deal with car salesmen I turned to Jim to help buy a new car. I believe this is the third new car that Jim has helped us purchase over the past couple decades, at a reasonable price. Jim is on the side of we who only buy a car once a decade.
– Leigh

Painless purchase. Jim was quick to respond to my requests before, during and after the sale. He even drove into Portland to pick me up from the rental office. I will certainly remember him for future auto sales and/or purchase.
– Nathan

Couldn’t afford a lot of money, Jim found me a delightful Pontiac Vibe, with nice miles and an excellent price.
– Michelle, Milwaukie

Buying a car from Jim was a fun and productive experience. The vehicle was just what we needed and Jim was fair from beginning to end in the negotiations. He was very accommodating to ensure that we were completely comfortable in our purchase and very thorough with all of the details and paperwork. We would gladly do business with Jim again!
– Jim & Julie, Oregon City

Jim had just the perfect SUV for Jennifer. Drove down, everything was exactly as he said, drove home in the new rig, easy and painless.
– Ryan & Jennifer, Kennewick, WA

Jim has helped me sell cars and buy new/used cars for years. It is the only way to buy a car. He picks it up for you and delivers it to wherever you want. You can rely on Jim
– Marla, Portland

We had been looking for an inexpensive van so our pets could travel in comfort. Jim was able to get the perfect Van, at a very affordable price.
– Gracie & George, Oregon City, OR

I really enjoyed working with Jim, he found several cars for me, I finally picked an Honda Accord for a good price. I don’t usually like the car buying process this was so much better than working with a car dealer. I really felt like Jim was on my side.
– Scott Vancouver Wa

I wish that I would have known Jim a couple of cars ago. My wife and I are very happy that we know him now! We purchased a awesome car at a awesome price. Jim was very honest, kind and patience. I went to a Car lot a few weeks ago and before I even turned off the engine, the sales guy was by my door. Not Jim, he was very cool and did not pressure us at all. We have already recommended Jim to others and will continue to do so. Jim was very organized and did a great job handling the paperwork. Jim will give you the best deal around!
– Vinesh

Needed to tradein our old car and get a larger family SUV. Everything was done over the phone & computer, drove down, left our old car, drove home in the new SUV, couldn’t have been smoother or easier, everything was exactly as Jim said no surprises. The price was very good as well.
– Jon & Susan, Olympia, WA

Once I found out about Jim Weaver I knew I would never buy from a dealer again. There is nothing worse than dragging my kids through dealerships, as I sit through the sales persons’ delay tactics and worst of all the dealer will only have 1 or 2 cars you really like in stock. Jim was able to comb through dealer listings, craigslist postings and auction lists until he found the car with the right combination of year, make, model and under a certain mileage…all for less than a dealer would charge. Then he drove to Seattle to pick it up and did all the title work. All I had to do was show up with a check. I love my new car! I have never been so happy; Jim assisted in discussing which model was right for me and encouraged me to do some test drives until I knew exactly which vehicle I wanted. I think everyone should buy their car through Jim!
– Capella, Portland, OR

Started out with a list of about 6 different cars, Jim was great in helping me decide which might work best for my budget and life style. He found the exact car I wanted 200 miles south of Portland, got me a great price…and made my day.
– Melissa, Portland, OR

Been looking for a Volvo C30 for months, a rare car, Jim was able to sell me one for about $4,000 below what others were selling for.
– Ryan, Salem, OR

I was looking for a new truck so that I can stop borrowing friend’s trucks when I was working on projects. I knew exactly what I was looking for and just dreaded having to go to the lots and try to haggle them down. When I went to the credit union to make sure I would be able to get funding, I was referred to Jim to help me in this process. Jim hit the nail on the head. He got the truck fast, with all I was looking for, and even was able to get the price down for me. I will definitely be working with him again when ever I need to search for another car.
– Matt, Gladstone, OR

Thank goodness for Jim! We needed to sell our Camry quickly when we relocated. He explained the process, managed the paperwork, and even arranged to have our car detailed so we could get top dollar. We left our vehicle behind in Portland with Jim and took off. We kept in touch via email. A few weeks later we received a nice check in the mail. I wish all of our move had been so easy. If you have a car you want to sell (without pain!), Jim’s the guy.
– Karen, Portland, OR

We had a great experience with Jim. We got into a VW Jetta Sportswagen at a price that was comparable to Costco. The added service we really appreciated was on the sale of our old car. The dealer only wanted to give us $1,000 as a trade in, but Jim was able to get us $2,300. This is our 2nd deal with Jim and we are recommending him to all our friends and neighbors.
– Mike and Lydia, Happy Valley, OR

Best buying experience of my life. Great communication, great information, and ended up with a fantastic car and price.
– Maureen, Portland

We recently bought a car through Jim and what a great experience! He listened to what we wanted, answered all our questions (sometimes more than once) and got us a great deal on the car we wanted.
– Beth & Guy, Portland

This was my first experience buying a car through Jim who was recommended by a friend. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. He attended to my inquiry right away, was very helpful and friendly and I had my car in no time at all! I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to anyone wanting to buy a car, his service is excellent.
– Bobby, Lake Oswego

We had a specific year, and specific features we wanted, Jim found one 300 miles away, and delivered exactly what we wanted. Did 99% of our business from the comfort of our phone and computer…Fantastic.
– Kelly & Donna, Milwaukie, OR

I’ve worked with Jim a couple of times in the past, and when it came time for my partner to buy a car I knew exactly who she needed to speak with; Jim of course! He’s laid back, real, and loves his job. Love working with him, because he knows all the ins and outs of what it means to buy a car… And if I never step foot on a car lot again that’s a-okay with me. Thanks for finding our “Dora” for us, Jim!
– Melissa, Portland, OR

We had a very specific vehicle, very specific budget. Jim worked closely with us, it took almost 6 weeks, but he found exactly what we wanted, with only 6,000 miles, full factory warranty, and right on target for the money we wanted to spend. No one else even came close.
– Mike and Korrina, Portland, OR

I had been wanting to get a newer used car, but dreaded going to the lots, a friend referred me to Jim. Best thing that ever happened to me. Listened to my needs, helped make suggestions, gave me enough info to make a great decision, and got a great price.
– Teri, Portland

I purchased a 2000 Chevy Pickup from Jim, a while back, when it was totaled the insurance company paid me $500 more than Jim had sold it to me for, just confirmed what a great buy the truck was to begin with. I am buying another car from Jim today. You can’t go wrong letting Jim help you get a new or used car.
– Gene, Portland, OR

This is the second time Jim has taken the pain out of buying a new car, for me. Dealing with him is like having a big brother that is looking out for you. Such a deal !!! I love when Jim tells me, (Now here is when I do all the Talking), I have never been in and out of a dealership so quickly and with just what I wanted…Fantastic!!!
– Cheryl, Oregon City

We had a great experience buying through Jim. He was responsive and willing to go the extra mile (or many miles in our case!). Not only did he help us get the exact car we wanted, but he was able to negotiate a lower price for us. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without his help.
– Paul and Choice

I just picked up my new car. I love it!! Jim found a wonderful car with low miles. It was a great buying experience. I just told Jim what I wanted and he took care of the rest. Great way to get a car. Carolyn
– Carolyn, Oregon City, OR

Jim found me a nice Lexus, clean car with maintenance records. Jim went the extra mile and brought the car to my office for me to test drive. Jim even picked up my old car and helped me sell it while I was on vacation. He is very knowledgeable and really listen to me and made my car buying experience a real pleasure.
– Guido, Portland

Wanted a cheap car for our son, I love the car he found…I still can’t believe the the price he sold it to us for.
– Joan, Beaverton

This was my first experience buying a car through Jim who was recommended by a friend. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. He attended to my inquiry right away, was very helpful and friendly and I had my car in no time at all! I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to anyone wanting to buy a car, his service is excellent.
– Bobby, Lake Oswego

Dealing with jim now for about 8 years and he has always been honest and fair. he even went to seattle for me to pick up a nice mini cooper! now who else would do that.
– Dave, Oregon city

Jim and I had spoken and I told him what type of car I was looking for. He then met myself and my brother for a “test drive”. He was the only person we dealt with, it was great. He kept me informed by email and pictures and found the perfect car for me in about 3 weeks or so… It’s GREAT!!!! Love it and will use him for years to come. Will refer co workers and neighbor’s to Jim, he is a wonderful person. Really looks out for the buyer to get you the best deal out there, and you don’t have to do all the “back and forth” with the dealers. Thanks so much again Jim!!!!
– Mary H, Portland,Or.

My wife and I just purchased our third car through Jim and have been very happy with our experience. I am detailed oriented and did a lot of homework on options, accessories, and price, but I still had questions for Jim. He was more than patient and worked really hard to locate cars that met our needs and could be purchased for a fair price. He definitely has the connections out there to find what you are looking for! In our most recent interaction, Jim spent a lot of time looking for the new vehicle and presented us with a number of options along the way that were really close to ideal. Ultimately, we just could not find the exact fit and price, so Jim helped us order a new car with just what we wanted; again, a pleasure to work with him in this way as well. We love how easy the whole process is once a vehicle is found or ordered and while we do not plan to buy again soon, we will certainly pass on Jim’s name to anyone interested in buying a car! And when we are ready to buy another vehicle, we know who we will call! –Ted, Sherwood, Oregon
– Ted, Sherwood, Oregon