What is an Auto Broker?

I help you buy the exact new or used Car, Truck, or SUV you want.  As your personal vehicle shopper, I eliminate the stress of haggling with dealers who only have a limited inventory to choose from–I have access to any vehicle on the market, anywhere in the United States.

I do the research and leg-work to find the vehicle you want, negotiate wholesale pricing, arrange test drives and make the car buying experience enjoyable while saving you money.  When you are ready to buy, then I help you with the transaction.

What is an auto broker?  We help you save:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Stress or Frustration

Do we have to be a credit union member to use Credit Union Auto Broker?

No.  We can work with anyone.  We are, however,100% credit union supporters and feel is the best place to do all your auto financing.  If you are not currently banking with a credit union, we can help you find one and get established.

How do we work?

I have access to literally thousands of used and new cars. Because of that I am able to get wholesale prices on almost everything. Those prices are passed on to you. I do research and hunting and you will never pay any costs unless I find a vehicle for you, that YOU feel has value and YOU want to purchase, without any pressure… On new cars, the price I quote you, will normally be lower than you will be able to get after hours of frustrating harassment at a dealership. We will do most everything either via phone or email. If you need a test drive I can help with that as well, and normally schedule an appointment at your convenience to drive anything you want.

Another great resource many find helpful is, utilizing me as a sounding board for thoughts and questions about any vehicle you have an interest in, and feel comfortable you are getting comments not based on the agenda of selling you any particular vehicle, your getting info from someone that is in the business and has I believe a nice grip on “Car” reality…. plus a huge cheapskate