What to do when buying a new car

What to do…First thing you want to do, is get up to speed on any vehicle you are interested in.  New cars, visit Edmunds, or Kelley Blue Book, used cars the same.  Get a feel for what these are selling for…once you have that, you are ready for the car lot trip.

When you go to a dealership, take control of the conversation and the direction of your visit.  If you are there to look at a specific car, don’t get involved with chit chat, just tell them you want to test drive the car.  Many dealer will ask to see your drivers license, I personally think that is a fair request.  They will often photo copy it for their records.  Just make sure you follow the sales person and get it back…on the spot.

Next never mention a tradein early on.  If you plan to use your vehicle as a tradein, negotiate your best price on the vehicle you want, than suggest you would trade your car in, if they would give you enough money.   I find it much easier for buyers to keep these two numbers separate.  Many dealers like to mix them, so you have no idea of where your at.

Up to the point, you are going to purchase a car, keep your information very short.  Name and contact phone number are two fair bits of info.  No dealer needs, SS#, address or any of that other info until you are ready to do your paperwork for a purchase.

Once you agree to a price, you will head to into finance.  For the most part, many if not all of the extra services a dealer sells are a waste of you money.

Educate yourself to the current market pricing by checking Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book for new and used cars.

Never go in unprepared…   Being prepared makes the car buying experience much more fun..

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