Used car values

We have been working with credit union members for over 10 years, helping them find great values on used cars.  One thing I have noticed at the wholesale level, is trends.  Certain cars will come through the wholesale network in large quantities and over several weeks to a couple of months.  When they do, that is the time to buy.

Used car trend prices

Two examples, about 3 years ago, Suzuki XL7’s were coming through the wholesale system for almost 3 months, these were leather, roof and miles as low as 8,000 for one I bought.  I was able to buy and sell them to my customers for around $14,500.  3 months later when the demand dried up, that same exact vehicle running through the wholesale system was selling to dealers for around $16,000…

  • Current large volume
  • cheapest price
  • Narrow window

Second example: Pontiac Vibes, around December 2010 there were quite a few 2010’s running through the wholesale network, price were often to where a broker / dealer could sell the car for low to mid $11’s.   On February 8th I bid on a 2010 Vibe with 22,000 miles and lost out.  I would  have had to sell it for  $12,500 or better…these cars are fewer now again and the price has gone back up over $1,000.  (yes I know gas has gone up a bit, but mostly the increase has come from volume decrease)

Unfortunately these type vehicles are normally only one or two years old, but if your looking for the most bang for the buck,  look for vehicles that have high numbers for sale.

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