Best used car value ?

What might be some of the best used car values on the market.   Hyundai and Kia’s seem to offer some great used value.   They can drop as much as 6 or 7,000 in less then a year.   The 3rd and 4th  years will never drop that much, so that first year is a great time to look at them for a value of used car.

  • Great value for the dollar
  • Drastic drop in sales price
  • Quality car

Long Assumable Warranty

Another fantastic perk is they both have 60,000 mile 5 year bumper to bumper warranties that are transferable to the new owner.  As a small dealer, that is a wonderful benifit for me.  While I try my best to buy only quality used cars, they are used cars.   Being able to send someone off with factory warranty….is a great thing for a broker such as I.

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