Oil Changes how often

How often, how many miles…it seems like every manufacture has their own schedule, from 3,000 miles to 15,000 miles in some cases.

Consumer Reports

A few years ago, Consumer Reports tested 75 Taxi Cabs in New York over a course of 60,000 miles,  using an assortment of oil and synthetics, with oil change intervals of 3,000 and 6,000 miles…the end result was surprising…the wear was about the same on all of them.  Nothing really stood out above the rest, not synthetics, not shorter changes. They all faired about the same…so why waste your money.  5,000 miles is simple and easy.

Toyota has been using 5,000 miles or 6 months change intervals for several years and I think that is a great schedule.  If your vehicle is not under factory warranty that specifically calls for changes at certain mile and month intervals… take a serious look at using the 5,000/6 month change schedule…  Easy to remember on your odometer too.   Even if you are a low mile driver, you will only have two changes a year.

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