Hybrid Hormones and car owners

Gas has dropped 10 to 20 cents a gallon in our area, and already the Hybrids have started to drop in favor. I have been in this car business for over 11 years and been through both the over $4.00 a gallon gas peaks, and in both cases (the first one was worse) panic and hormones have driven sales of the Hybrids. It just amazes me when I see folks panicking to dump their gas car to get an expensive Hybrid. They are very expensive, both to purchase and when and if repairs are ever needed.

If making a difference on the world is of really of interest to you, buy a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. More available, cheaper on your pocket book, actually has a small carbon foot print, will run forever plus get fantastic gas mileage.

Don’t get sucked into the Hybrid hysteria…if you want to buy Hybrid do your research and buy one…but don’t do it thinking it will either save the world or save your pocket book…because in my opinion it will do neither.

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