How does an auto auction work….for you…through me

Every wonder how a dealer auto auction can work for you…I personally attend many of our local dealer sales, and when I am looking for a car for one of my customers, I am able to touch feel, take photos, run Carfaxes, and appraise the car before it ever runs for sale. Providing you the customer with an opportunity to review that info, go over the details and ponder if the car would work for you or not. I also provide, and idea of what I expect the car will sell for, leaving the final decision of how much you are comfortable paying up to you. Buying via this format allows me to pass “Real” wholesale pricing on to you the customer, and market that is not available to the public. One of the nice things I like to tell my customers it cost us nothing to bid, if we don’t get the car, we are out zero…if we get the car at our price, than we are winners…a great option to be able to offer my customers..

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