Gas Saving tips…Myth or Fact

Over the years I have heard numerous tips on ways to maximize your fuel economy. Recently with gas heading through the roof again, Yahoo Finance came out with 6 tips we have all heard, that they say do not work.

1) Turning your AC off: I have heard this one, and for the most part believed it could probably save a tad bit of gas. Consumer Reports ran tests and showed that turning off the AC in your car…made almost no difference. Best thing to do, was keep your windows up, AC and fan on to get the best gas mileage.

2) Filling up when it is cold: The rumor is that when gas is cold it is denser and you will get more gas for the money. If you think about this one, the gas comes out of the ground, the ground temp is pretty consistent so this one just doesn’t hold true.

3) Increasing Tire pressure: I think theory is, more pressure less surface area of tire on the ground, less resistance equals better mileage. Over inflated tires can be dangerous, and the tests show, not much difference between having a safely inflated tire and the rock hard crazy ones… don’t do this…not going to work.

4) Additives: So far I have not seen any that actually get better mileage. Nor does the article find any. Matter of fact they state “They’re a complete waste of money”… I would agree. There are a few additives I use in my business but none that I know of improve gas mileage.

5) Changing Air Filter: Now this one is a surprise to me. I have always believed keeping a clean air filter gives me better gas mileage. Simply letting the car breath better, should make it more efficient. Consumer reports said no, changing the air filter did not make any significant improvement in gas mileage. I put a lot of faith in Consumers Reports and think they are as close to unbiased testing as we have out there… Maybe the fact that fuel injected engines do not rely on carburetors anymore…but damn the facts… I am still going to keep my air filters clean…and think I get better mileage..(smile)

6) Keeping the engine running: I have never really believe this one, and the new info confirms that fact. With the newer fuel injected engines, starting requires much less fuel. Letting your car engine run while doing short chores or trips is not a good thing. Looks like idling for upwards of an hour can burn 1/2 gallon of gas…not to mention the extra wear and tear on the motor.

WHAT Really works: According to the studies…driving like a “OLD MAN”… now I have that one covered…actually being an old man..(smile) tests showed that if you drive in a calm manner, not quick, jerky or crazy…you can improve your efficiency by as much as 33%..remove any extra weight from your car….improve by about 2% (I have a hard time with that one..everything but the kitchen sink, and sometimes that) and finally driving 60 MPH on the freeway can improve it by as much as 23%. In the end a calm safe driver will get the best MPG and probably drive longer with less tickets and stress…

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