Dealership Recommendations for service Good / Bad ?

Dealership recommendations for service Good / Bad

Here is an issue I have noticed over the last few years, you take your car in for a simple oil change, you can get recommendations for hundreds of dollars worth of service work.  And not always a good thing.  Let me give you a personal example, awhile back I took a 2011 low mile Kia Sportage to one of our local dealers.  All I wanted them to do was an oil change, I normally do that myself but, was going to deliver the car in a couple of hours and did not have the time to do it myself.

When the service writer came back he said “we recommend” you do these items on the list.   These were things like tranny fluid change, and a bunch of other stuff.  The total would be $1,200.  Not the $29.00 oil change amount.  He didn’t know I was a dealer or had any knowledge of the cars warranty or service intervals.  When I asked why…he said we recommend you do these things.  At that point, I told him, the manufacture, does not require doing these services for another 20,000 miles, and they are the ones standing behind the warranty, so how is it….you can just recommend something.

Of  course no answer, nor did I spend $1,200.  What if I would have sold that car, the lady goes into that store and they would have done that to her.  You know she is going to think she just purchased a horrible car, that needs $1,200 of work.  Which was not the case.

Look at your factory maintenance book.

Now I am not saying don’t do what they recommend, I am just saying don’t simply take their word, check your owners manual and see what the manufacture really requires.

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