Cheapest Place to live for Auto Insurance

Wow, I could not believe the range in Auto Insurance costs. Over $1,500 per year additional cost based primarily where you live. Jerry Edgerton via CBS MoneyWatch, recently ran an article on the costs of insurance throughout the country, and revealed some surprising facts.

I have always felt my auto insurance policies cost me about 600 to 700 per year, wow have I been out of touch. Living in Oregon as far as auto insurance is concerned is a reasonably good thing as we are number 38.  While many areas of the Oregon economy and political agenda I have issues with, it is nice to see we are towards the bottom in insurance costs.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates.

  • Drivers
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Insurance companies

Your States, approach to drivers, uninsured motorists and insurance companies appears to have a lot to do with the final rates you and I get to pay as drivers. Vermont has mostly rural and less lawsuits, coming in at the bottom of the list, while Michigan gives unlimited personal injury and several years of lost wages, and ranks highest in annual insurance costs. Somebody has to pay for all those uninsured motorists and at $2,500 per year, I bet they also have one of the highest uninsured motorist percentages in the nation.

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