Certified Cars…what that heck does that really mean

Certified cars…

How many times have you heard this term tossed out like, it is the Holey Grail…  Sales people and dealers use the word like it should make you want to buy the car just because it is certified.

So what does a Certified Car really mean

Let me give you a little certified 101 for the day…in most cases the word certified is used as a hype sales word….to make you think there is value added to a car…and for each manufacture the word means something different…for Honda for example..if you purchased a used Honda with under approx 36,000 miles…they will add 12 months and 12,000 miles to the bumper to bumper warranty, and extend the limited drive train (engine & transmission) to 7 years or 100,000 miles…they forget to tell you that 7 years starts from the date the car was put in service…which means normally you are only getting 4 years additional. Toyota, only extends the drivetrain warranty…but calculates it the same way…Chevy, gives you 90 days…and so on…

Of all of them. Honda seems in my opinion have the best….BUTT…and this is a big BUTT…you don’t get that certified word for free…when I worked at Honda it costs upwards of $700.00 and was always built into the car…so it always costs you the buyer something…and all you are really getting is an extended warranty…nothing more..and there are numerous better warranties available that offer more value that you can get through your credit union, and in most cases that extended warranty, starts the day your purchase the warranty…not starting back several years from when the car was originally put into service..

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