Cars my family can love

I get more calls for vehicle for families then just about any other vehicle.  What do I think is best…VANS VANS VANS…  These vehicles are the most family friendly vehilcles on the market.  Many of the newer ones get great gas mileage for a large people mover.(mid 20’s)

A couple of fantastic features you might have over looked….

  • Side doors
  • Low floors
  • fold down rear seats

The side doors.  Ever  pull in next to a $30,000 Mercedes.  Have the kids spring out of the back doors, while your stomach churns and your ears listen for that tell tale sound of your door smashing into the neighbor car….been there done that.  The side doors on most van slide back… How cool is that, pretty hard for those little rascals to smash the car next to you.

Low floors, for gramma and grampa.  With the low floor plan of most vans, gramma and grampa can easily get in and out.

Fold down seat, fold flat and allow fantastic extra storage, but extra seating should you need it.

And finally ride, most of the newer vans drive and ride like a dream.

Give them some thought, next time you are thinking of a vehicle for the family, you can pack the kids the dog, equipment and all ride in style to your favorite event.


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