Best time to buy a car

OK…so you have heard all the stories…about end of month, end of quarter, end of year…  So what do you think it the best time…how about  RIGHT NOW…   Dealers are slow, slow, slow…, many dealers are so anxious for a sale, they are quoting prices much lower than they have in a long, long time, which makes it harder even for a broker like me to get it even cheaper…and sometime I simply can not.

I often tell my customers, at the retail level there is an advantage to buying the last day of any month, quarter or year, primarily because the dealerships will often negotiate a lower price to push their gross sale figures as high as possible for that time period.   As a broker, our pricing isn’t normally affected by those time periods..  we most often get the best pricing 365 days a year, because our pricing comes from our volume of sales.

There are some other things to look for that can help you out.  Rebates, Dealer cash (this is money that is harder for a retail buyer to find out about), and or sub-market interest rates.  For example right now on select vehicles Toyota has ZERO interest 60 month financing…

That could be a great thing.   A couple of years ago, Honda had $3500 hidden dealer cash on Pilots.   I had just sold a lady a new Honda (not a Pilot) and she was talking with her co-worker and had mentioned my name.  Suggesting she should have let me get her Pilot for her..  She blew my friend off telling her they had been given the vehicle at invoice and she thought was a pretty good price….OOPS…they gave that dealer an extra $3,500.  Had I sold it to her, she would have gotten all the money back.  So rebates, dealer cash and low interest are great things to look for and are dictated more from market than anything else.

So in my humble opinion calendar timing of when you buy isn’t as big of a deal as market timing, and right now seems to be a great time.


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