Best Car Wax…who’d of thought

Car Wax, car wax car wax…who’s the best

I have been cleaning and waxing my cars for most of my life…(a boy thing) I thought my favorite waxes were the best..and would have bet a cup of hot coco on it…

Consumer Reports

just came out with a new test of car waxes…and one of their best rated waxes for price and quality, is a wax I have always thought was sort of a phoney bologna type wax.. Who’d of thought.

I took pictures of my computer screen, so these might be somewhat hard to read, but let me give you an over view. Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech, came out on top for liquid waxes but was $18.00 per bottle, and about $1.03 per wax job….the surprise to me was next on the list was Nu Finish NF-76…at $8.00 per bottle it looks like a much better value.

On the paste waxes, Nu Finish NFP-80 came out on top again at $8.00 per can…next was Turtle Wax Ice T-465 at $17.00 per bottle and almost $2.13 per wax job….while the Nu Finish came in at about 57 cents per job..

Looks like I am going to be trying the new finish stuff…will be happy to provide my own personal follow up, and would be delighted to hear from any Nu Finish users.



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