Some damage isn’t so bad…but the words can be scary

Well the week is over (Auction WeeK) and once again the prices of clean used cars has been sky high. Making it tough to find great prices on cars for my credit union family. While the numbers of vehicles appears to be slowly increasing prices look to be staying high.

One type of cars I have been watching for about a year now, is sometimes I think might be interesting bargains. Vehicles that within my dealer network are called “uni-body” damage. Now not all of them, but with these newer cars even the slightest body damage will often result in being tagged uni-body damage…I watched a 2006 Honda Accord EX Leather with 80K miles run through the Honda sale last week. On my dealer Kelly Blue book it showed a retail value of $15,925 and a wholesale of $12,575, very nice car but the drivers side rear quarter panel (rear fender area) was crunched in. Nothing that my body fellow could not have fixed for 300 to 500 dollars. Was actually thinking about buying as a driver for myself….when it rolled through the lane, high bid was $8700.00. That just seemed like a heck of a price…and in this case there was no damage that I would have felt was safety damage…just cosmetic. That word scares many a folk. For as clean and nice as that car was, had it not had the uni-body announcement, I think it would have sold for around 11,500. (Remember these are wholesale prices) Now if you simply wanted a nice daily driver, that was a car I could have purchased , fixed and sold to any of my member/ customers for around $10,000.00. Actually a great deal…as long as the damage was not anything that would compromise safety…once a body part is fixed and painted, who really knows it was damaged…not 99 of 100 people out running around.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on trying to get the best bang for the buck..and how some times thinking a bit outside the box can be interesting…

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