Oil Seepage VS Oil Leakage

Oil Seepage VS Oil Leakage

A while back, I had a purchaser looking at one of the 100K mile cars I often have and sell, this was a one owner, Toyota Camry with about 105K miles selling in the $6,000 range. It looked and drove fantastic. They asked if they could have the vehicle inspected, and I said yes, I love to have customers have their mechanics check out any of my used cars. While I try my best to only sell, nice mechanically sound vehicles, they are still used, and having the buyers representative mechanic look it over and give it a clean bill of health is comforting for me.

I drove the car to their mechanic, and after an hour he gave them the bad news. This car had an oil leak and would need around $1,200 to have it repaired back to new. So the sale fell through, I took the car back to a “Trusted” mechanic I know and had him put it up on the rack to see what the heck they were talking about. It did in fact have a small amount oil coating the underside of the transmission, my mechanic called “Oil Seepage” coming from around where the tranny bolts to the engine. Truly not much. He took a can of brake cleaner, blasted the slight film of oil off and told me, it might seep a little over the next several thousand miles, but in all likelihood that little bit of oil residue had probably been on there for thousands of miles. My question to him was, should I have this fixed. He thought it would be a wasted of money. He said “almost any car around 100K miles is going to have some fluid seepage somewhere” Engines get hot, and cool, get wet while driving, experience all kinds of temperature changes, the expanding and shrinking of all the metal parts will invariably cause something to seep somewhere. Even cars with low miles, will often have slight seepage…its not a big deal.

As a practical, real world common sense point, where do we find any car, especially a 100K mile cars with “ZERO” oil seepage or leakage, in Museums…

I sold the car within a few days to some folks that are still driving and loving the car…some of these mechanics just amaze me…

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