2012 Toyota Prius “One Owner” Clean title Pkg# 2 $11,950

Very nice One Owner, Local Prius, Clean title, great service records via clean Carfax, (copy available upon request) pkg #2, all the nice power features plus blue tooth…spectacular car with exceptional gas mileage……… We are a small independent auto broker, not a car lot, and our goal is to help you find the perfect vehicle, we work by appointment, so please call if you have any questions and trades are always welcome, 14522 SE River Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267 DA 9534, Credit Union Auto Broker LLC. 503.974.4893 or 503.422.7887

 photo 00W0W_jwPsNaifdBO_600x450_zpsfolcuvei.jpg
 photo 01212_2YRTcZmsak3_600x450_zpsp8rkhsxl.jpg
 photo 00505_emjhi4t0Ws4_600x450_zpstikjeuac.jpg
 photo 00b0b_aaoZNF3szk0_600x450_zpsbvhlv8wk.jpg
 photo 00x0x_9ItApxXZz5G_600x450_zpswxfo6pco.jpg
 photo 01616_9oRjDS8VXoV_600x450_zpsbsjbfy1e.jpg
 photo 00t0t_4r0f74Y17Y8_600x450_zpsdzieb4e9.jpg
 photo 00h0h_iKkA7fRBUXB_600x450_zpswu5xysy5.jpg
 photo 01515_4CwtmX4cC2a_600x450_zpsqhdc2csj.jpg
 photo 00a0a_1HpDuMCPcXM_600x450_zpsltt1xjo2.jpg
 photo 00c0c_9z6MlblsNxu_600x450_zps6itwty4x.jpg
 photo 00M0M_ik7gXEexjHy_600x450_zpsak85mo2h.jpg

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