2003 Mazda Miata Special Edition Loaded $8,450

Rare exceptionally nice Mazda Maita, Special Edition, 6 Speed Manual in Strato Blue Mica, with all the normal power options plus, Leather, Fog Lights, Cruise Control, Upgrade Kenwood Premium Stereo, SE 16 Inch Alloys, Back of Seat Air Deflector for more comfortable driving, Top is like new (in photos it is just sitting up, not fastened, hence the wrinkles) (There was only 1,549 of these made, this one is car number 785 and with a production date of Feb 03 2003) A rare little car in in especially nice condition, great for the coming Sunshine… We are a small independent auto broker, not a car lot, and our goal is to help you find the perfect vehicle, we work by appointment, so please call if you have any questions and trades are always welcome, 14522 SE River Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267 DA 9534, Credit Union Auto Broker LLC. 503.974.4893 or 503.422.7887

 photo 00L0L_eU2f84n5Yj4_600x450_zpsalttmzmj.jpg
 photo 00Z0Z_9x5MCiN9r59_600x450_zpsm0sxh80m.jpg
 photo 00L0L_35HQwc23PjQ_600x450_zpsbtlyymbx.jpg
 photo 01515_9pKxSH3QLYV_600x450_zpsemm7ollm.jpg
 photo 01414_fVvTy816Chh_600x450_zpsdkmpyawu.jpg
 photo 00303_keAvCPqRoW9_600x450_zpsxk6h9lwc.jpg
 photo 00H0H_8qHvi7khxDk_600x450_zpsfsyv03jg.jpg
 photo 00E0E_jhtS8U76GFZ_600x450_zpsojos8cgs.jpg
 photo 00W0W_8ZqpDbGP545_600x450_zps8oyxwlff.jpg
 photo 00R0R_263M6lIyETr_600x450_zpsk55zh1ht.jpg
 photo 00E0E_lWlUKycpSSO_600x450_zps9ter55jf.jpg
 photo 01313_i5FA8RSe58L_600x450_zpsjagw0reh.jpg
 photo 00202_jveN03qwOfl_600x450_zps31avzs00.jpg
 photo 00n0n_5slKpomdKSf_600x450_zpsbntcrxgs.jpg

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